Improve your life by upgrading your vision of yourself

We can’t exceed our vision of ourselves. If we want a better life, we have to believe we are capable of achieving it.


Often we don’t get what we want in life because we don’t believe we are capable of it. We don’t think we are good enough, attractive enough or clever enough to live the life of our dreams. We see other people living awesome lives but we just can’t picture ourselves doing the same. This blocks us from achieving our vision for our lives.

So, how do we go about improving our vision of ourselves

Improve your outer appearance

You might think this is a superficial place to start. However, what we see when we look in the mirror affects how we feel about ourselves. This isn’t so much about looking attractive as looking the part. For example, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur and you are wearing sweats and have ratty hair, your appearance will not match the vision you are are trying to reach.

As far as possible. make yourself look like the person you want to be. Make the way you look and the life you want match as closely as possible.

Simple ways to achieve this include:

  • Standing up straight
  • Getting a haircut
  • Wearing clothes that match who you want to be
  • Wearing accessories that match your vision such as a classy watch, running shoes, or a smart briefcase or purse

Boost your inner vision

Next, work on your inner image of yourself. Practice imagining yourself living your perfect life. Visualize how it would feel to start that cupcake business, win that award, have a cozy family home, achieve the recognition, create and sell that book, painting or sculpture or enjoy the perfect relationship.

Really feel the inner changes that would occur from making your dreams a reality. Feel how confident, happy and self-fulfilled you would be. When you can emotionally connect with your dreams and desires and fully feel the emotions that go with your achievements you will move closer to achieving them.

Work on your energy

In order to achieve the life of our dreams, we must have plenty of positive energy. We need to feel fit, healthy, optimistic and confident. Get your physical energy right by eating well, sleeping enough and getting some exercise. Make some space in your life for activities that lift your energy.

It’s also important to work on your mental and emotional energy. Limit your exposure to negative people and bad news. Instead, practice appreciation and gratitude. Do whatever makes you feel happy and fulfilled whenever you can. It’s also important not to cram every moment of your day with tasks. Allow some time to think and connect with your desires and intuition. Having a time each day to focus on your inner well-being and listen to your intuition will help you get insights into how to achieve your dreams.

Take action

Now that you are looking and feeling your best it is time to take action towards creating the life of your dreams. Taking steps towards your goals and desires will enable you to step into a new vision of yourself.

You can start as small as you like, but each action will expand your image of yourself and what you are capable of. Whether the results of your action are a success or not so great, acknowledge yourself for the progress you have made towards becoming the person you long to be. You can build on these small steps and make steady progress towards living the life of your dreams.


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