7 Fun Ways to Create Abundance

The universe responds to fun, playful energy so try these creative ways to create abundance and have a good time along the way

Sometimes, when we attempt to create abundance it can all get a bit serious. Trying to do everything right and stay positive all the time can be hard work. If this has been the case for you, consider taking a more playful attitude to manifesting your desires. The universe responds to positive energy, so do all that you can to keep your vibration high.

1. Treat yourself to something small, but luxurious

We often don’t treat ourselves to new things when we are struggling financially. We then bemoan the fact that we can’t afford what we want. Shift this mindset by treating yourself to something small but luxurious. Perhaps choose a few handmade chocolates, a small bottle of luxurious bubble bath or a travel size candle. You can also treat yourself by wearing your nicest clothes, indulging in long relaxing baths, eating nourishing but tasty food or doing a home mani-pedi.

2. Do something you love every single day

When we want to create abundance it is important to keep our vibration high. Unfortunately, money troubles and all the other day-to-day worries of life can make it hard to stay positive. In order to keep your mood high, allocate a small amount of time each day to doing something that really lights you up.

You might like to take a walk, read a good book, have a proper conversation with someone you love, eat a nice meal with candles and wine or just sit down for half an hour and do nothing. Having something to look forward to each day keeps your vibration high and helps improve your mood.

3. Take care of the money you do have

If you feel resentful towards money and the lack of abundance in your life you need to turn this relationship around. Feeling negative about money and abundance will just block the flow. Instead, show care and attention to the money and possessions you do have while making room for money and abundance to manifest.

Buy a new purse or wallet or clean up the old one. Choose a luxurious new purse or a fun playful one. If you can’t afford to do this at the moment give your old one some TLC. Clean it and clear out old receipts. Put some shiny coins inside or the highest bill you can afford to keep. Imagine how you will spend this money. You could also get a fun money box or a secure cash box or safe. Prepare a place for the money to feel welcome in your life.

4. Give something every day for a month

Giving something to someone boosts our happiness, increases our self-esteem and can even make us healthier. It also distracts us from negative thoughts about lack. This raises our vibration making it more likely we will create abundance. Giving can also be fun.

Sit down with a notebook and think of 30 things you could give over the next month. Be open minded about the possibilities here. You don’t necessarily have to give material things, it could be a listening ear, a hug, practical help, flowers from your garden, a candy bar, a cup of tea or a handmade card. Have some fun thinking about the things you will give and the appreciation you will receive in return.

5. Create a vision board

Collect together images of all the things you desire and create a vision board. You can do this on a canvas or corkboard, on Pinterest or just create a folder on your computer. Choose images that have an emotional resonance for you and make it as beautiful and inspiring as you can. Include images that show what your perfect life would look like and give you a sense of how it would feel to manifest these good things.

6. Feng Shui your home to create abundance

To attract more abundance into your life consider some simple Feng Shui tips and tricks. Declutter your home and make sure the flow through it is open and spacious. Add fresh healthy plants or even a money tree. Also use artwork featuring lush forests, parks, and greenery. Consider adding a small aquarium or images of fish. You can also use tradition Feng Shui cures for wealth such as gold coins or a laughing Buddha.

7. Create an abundance altar

Choose a shelf or table in your home and turn it into an abundance altar. You can decorate this altar with things that represent abundance for you. Include anything that represents the things you desire such as money or gold objects or happy images such as family photos. Include lush plants and green candles to promote abundance. The crystal citrine is known as a powerful aid to manifestation so consider including one on your altar. You can then spend some time each day at this altar while you focus your intentions on what you wish to manifest or complete your affirmations.




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