Why you should consider writing a book

If you are thinking about writing a book or are part way through writing one, I encourage you to complete it. It could change your life.

So, after nearly two years work, I finally published my first book on Kindle. Writing this book has changed my life! Here are just a few of the benefits I got from writing a book

The benefits of writing a book

It gives you an excuse to research the subjects you love

Embarking on the process of writing a book gives you the perfect excuse to spend time researching, studying and immersing yourself in the subjects most dear to your heart. Whatever your interests, when you decide to write about them you create a meaningful project that will bring you great joy.

The process consolidates your knowledge making you an expert in your field

Even if you don’t think you are an expert before you begin your book you will be one by the end. The process of researching and thinking about your subject in depth consolidates your knowledge. Nothing helps you understand a subject better than trying to explain it clearly, simply and (hopefully) elegantly to others.

You can get tax relief on books and stationary

Being a writer comes with the added benefit of buying books and stationary knowing they are tax deductible. I for one don’t need much excuse to buy new notebooks, folders, books, and pens, but knowing I can file them under expenses makes the guilt a little less.

It gives you an excuse to read – a lot

Writers have to read a lot. That is a fact. You need to read books on your subject, but also a variety or different writers to help you develop a style. Everything from a technical manual to a copy of Charles Dickens Hard Times can help your writing. So you don’t need to feel guilty for spending an afternoon with your nose in a book.

It helps you connect you with like-minded people

As part of your research and planning, you will likely look to others for advice and support. This means you end up connecting with a lot of like-minded people. I have created some great friendships through connecting with other writers in my field. I’ve found folk who share my values and interests and just ‘get me’.

Writing a book improves your writing skills

This seems obvious, but actually many people put off writing a book because they don’t think their writing is good enough. But you can’t improve your writing without writing a lot. And nothing improves your writing like embarking on a huge project like a book. After a few thousand words you will notice your writing has improved dramatically. You can always rewrite any dodgy sections at the editing stage.

Completing a book improves your confidence and self-esteem

Many people talk about writing a book, but few manage it. When you finally finish the last page of your last chapter you will feel an enormous sense of achievement. Getting started can be a challenge though. It’s often about overcoming blocks and fears. You can find out how to overcome these problems with my free ebook Self-help for Creatives.

Additional benefits of writing in the self-help/spirituality field

Writing my book has had additional benefits for me because of its subject matter. I have found that constantly re-reading the information on ways to be more peaceful, joyful and loving have helped me achieve these states more often. Don’t get me wrong. I never want to read the book again now. I must have read every word of it dozens of times. But repeatedly reading the information has helped it stick and I am happier than I was when I started.

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