6 Limiting beliefs that could block your success in life

If it feels like you have tried everything and still not achieved your goals, you might have limiting beliefs that are blocking your success in life

Sometimes it can feel like we have tried everything to achieve our goals but never seem to make progress. If this is true for you, it’s likely that you have subconsciously held beliefs that are limiting you. Whether you are looking for relationship success, financial freedom or just to be happier – these limiting beliefs can get in the way. We sometimes think that fear of failure is the biggest block to achievement, but actually fear of success can play a big part too.

However, by examining our limiting beliefs we can break their hold over us and achieve the success in life that we desire. Here are five common beliefs that can block us from achieving success.

1. I don’t deserve success in life

One of the most common subconscious beliefs that can block us from achieving all that we want to is the idea that we don’t deserve it. We can pick up this belief in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. For example, our parents may have criticised us for being demanding and said things like ‘I want doesn’t get’. If our emotional needs were not met when we were children we can develop the idea that we aren’t deserving of having them met as adults. Low self-esteem is usually behind a feeling of not deserving success in life. We can develop low self-esteem for many reasons including critical parents, teachers or peers.

To overcome this feeling of being undeserving we have to learn to value ourselves more. Writing a list of our good qualities and achievements can help start this process. It’s also useful to avoid being around negative and critical people as much as possible. Spend time with people who believe in possibilities, especially the possibility of you achieving success.

2. I can’t imagine myself as successful

We can never exceed our image of our self. In order for something to become a reality, we have to be able to imagine it first. So, if we want to achieve success in life we have to be able to create it first in our mind’s eye.

Remember Henry Ford’s famous quote

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Often we have difficulty imagining ourselves as wealthy or in a loving relationship or achieving our dreams. We can also struggle with conflicting ideas of what success means. If we had parents who were proud of working hard and struggling we might subconsciously see these traits as admirable characteristics we wish to emulate. In this way, we block our chances by unconsciously desiring struggle.

Of course, it is not always easy to imagine ourselves as wealthy, famous, successful and adored. It often best to start with small things, perhaps envisioning ourselves achieving one step towards our dreams at first. Try imagining yourself enjoying a wonderful first date, having an article published or earning a little additional income. You can then build on these small dreams.

3. Success will change me

Often we block our success subconsciously for fear it will change us. We may have picked up the idea that wealthy people are greedy or high achievers are egotistical and selfish. If we have picked up these beliefs they can seriously block our progress. When we believe that achieving what we want means picking up undesirable traits our inner desires become conflicted. We subconsciously block success for fear it will change us for the worse.

4. If I succeed it might take something away from others

For some reason, we seem to have the idea that there is only a certain amount of good things to go round. It’s as if there is a big pie that has to be shared out. If we have more, we fear someone will have less. This can be a difficult belief to shift, but the truth is there is enough for everyone in this world. In addition, when we have more we can share and help others. This one comes up in particular with regard to money and other material resources. Money is in fact just a representation of energy. The more we allow it to flow, the better for everyone. When we are fearful around money we block the flow and end up living in scarcity.

One way of working through this problem is actually to give more. However limited your time and money may be, when you share what you have you promote the flow of energy in your life. Give as much time, money and love as you can and see if this helps abundance begin to flow into your life.

5. Other people won’t like me if I am successful

As well as fearing that success will change us, we sometimes fear it will change other people’s opinion of us. When we see celebrities being criticized we fear the same may happen to us. Often there is a ‘them and us’ attitude towards the rich, famous and successful. We want to stay on the side of us, even if this means never achieving our goals. We worry that our loved ones will envy or even be disgusted by us if we become successful, so subconsciously, we don’t take the chance.

Ultimately, though, the people who are worth caring about will be delighted to see us successful and happy. Anyone who resents it is really not worth worrying about. I know this can be easier said than done, especially if you worry that someone very close such as a parent or partner will be hurt or threatened by your achievements. However, be assured that they will soon realize that you are just the same person as you were before you achieved your goals.

6. I won’t be able to handle success

Finally, many of us fear that we won’t be able to handle success when it comes. For example, we worry that we won’t be able to cope with that perfect job if we actually land it. Or we worry that we aren’t responsible enough to handle an increase in income. We may also worry about the responsibilities that come with achievements. These might include mortgages, business expenses, employees, fans, and close relationships with people who depend on us. It sometimes feels safer to remain struggling, lonely or unhappy rather than take on these additional responsibilities.

However, if we take small steps towards our dreams we will grow into our responsibilities. And even if we do suddenly become rich and famous we can always get some experts to help us with anything we need to learn.

Closing thoughts

Ultimately the first step to overcoming our limiting beliefs is becoming aware of them. It is worth thinking about some of the messages you have picked up about life that continue to hold you back. Whether these beliefs have come from critical and demeaning parents, harsh teachers, bullying peers at school or society as a whole, you don’t need to let these negative beliefs hold you back any longer. Once we become aware of our beliefs we have the power to examine them and replace them with ones that can support our dreams and help us achieve success in life.




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