10 Small Ideas to Make the Most of Summertime


Do you long for summertime every year -but when it arrives you find yourself too busy to enjoy it! Luckily, it can be easy to squeeze in some summer fun

In the summertime, magazines, blogs and adverts are full of ideas for what to do on long warm days. From picnics and barbecues to days out and trips to the beach. Unfortunately, for most of us, work doesn’t stop just because the sun is shining. And the washing up doesn’t magically disappear either.

This can make us feel like we are ‘missing out’ on summer fun.

Luckily there are lots of little ways we can make the most of all that summertime offers. This way, our pleasures aren’t just limited to the few days we can manage to take off from work and other responsibilities. We can spread the simple pleasure over the course of the sunny months and make sure even the busiest days have some moments of summer fun and relaxation.

So, here are 10 ways to make the most of summertime.

1. A summer read

Choose a light and fun book and spend 10 minutes a day reading it – outside if it is nice – or curled up in a comfy chair on a rainy day.

2. Take a walk

Take a short walk whenever you can, maybe after dinner to enjoy the long, warm evenings. It needn’t be long, or far. Perhaps just a walk around your local neighbourhood or park and admire the beautiful flowers you see.

3. Have a foot spa

When the heat is on, sink your feet into a bowl of scented water to refresh for a few minutes. Afterwards, smooth on some peppermint lotion to keep your tootsies soft and cool. It’s not quite the same as a dip in the ocean but its still pretty good.

4. Record your summer

Try recording your summer in a creative way. Often we are so caught up in day-to-day responsibilities we forget many of the lovely times we do have. To rectify this, start a journal, or take photos of all the fun and beautiful things you do this summer. It will remind you of the good times as well as pushing you to squeeze in a few extra summer pleasures.

5. Nurture a garden

Nurturing a garden, balcony, window box or even a few indoor plans is a great way to get in tune with the seasons. One of my favourite summer activities is watering the pots of flowers and herbs on my deck. It’s lovely to stand in the cool of the shade in the evening and hear the trickle of water while smelling the delicate scent of herbs and watching the colourful flowers bob their heads when they catch a few drops of moisture. Taking care of plants, even just a few cacti helps us stay in touch with the rhythms of nature and feel grounded.

6. Eat outside

Eating outside is a lovely thing to do in the summertime. but a picnic or barbecue takes a lot of preparation. This shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the pleasure of eating outside though – even if it is just a sandwich in the park or an ice cream.while you wander the city streets.

7. Enjoy summery foods

Light, fresh food is most appealing when the weather is hot. Indulge in fresh peaches, strawberries or watermelon. Also, eat simple suppers such as grilled fish or halloumi and vegetables. Iced teas, coffees and summery spritzers and cocktails go down well too and will really help you sink into the summertime vibe.

8. Make a summertime playlist

There’s nothing quite like hearing your favourite summer tuns to help you slip into a summery vibe. Make up a playlist with your favourites so you can brighten even a dreary, sweaty commute or a long afternoon at your desk.

9. Enjoy the scent of summer

The smells of summer are enchanting, reminding us of bright carefree days. Find a scent that helps you slip into a summery mood. It could be an old favourite or something new. Perhaps, for you, the smell of summer is coconut shampoo or your favourite brand of sun cream. You might also like to plant scented climbers such as jasmine and honeysuckle near seating areas and light scented candles as the sun goes down.

10 Summerify your home

It will be easier to relax once the work is done if your home has a relaxed summery vibe. Fresh flowers and plants add a nice touch. You could also invest in a few tropical or beach themed accessories. Colourful picnicware makes food seem more summery, too. Also, make sure you have a light, cool outfit and some comfy sandals to change into once the working day is over.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create a summer full of little pleasures and lots of good things. I’d love to hear how you make the most of the summer months. Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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