21 Ways to make the most of summer + 10 things to if it rains.



Let’s make this a summer to remember and squeeze every bit of bliss and joy we can out of the long, warm days.

Summer, in many parts of the world, is often short but oh so sweet. While we have busy lives, it’s important to get the most out of the long, balmy days. We don’t have to wait for our two-week vacation to enjoy a break. We can squeeze the joys of summer into even the busiest of days.

I’ve compiled a list of ways to make the most of the summer. Pick one each day to really make the most of the blissful balmy days. Don’t forget to add some of your own favorite activities, too.

Outdoor ideas

  1. Eat outside. Have dinner in the garden, go on a picnic– or at least eat an ice cream in the park.
  2. Go for a swim. In the ocean, at the pool, or Lido – or dip your feet in the paddling pool for a few minutes – bliss.
  3. Read a beach book. Something light and definitely not self-improving – or at least flick through your favorite magazine.
  4. Visit an open-air theater or cinema. Many local councils arrange events in their parks – or at least listen to a podcast or radio play in the garden.
  5. Sleep under the stars. Take a camping trip or sleep out in the garden – or at least stay up late and watch the stars on a clear night.
  6. Make something deliciously summery to eat or drink. Whip up some ice cream, ice-lollies, long cocktails – or at least a pitcher of lemonade or Pimms with plenty of ice.
  7. Take a hike in a beautiful area. Enjoy nature’s beauty, or walk in a beautiful local park or garden – or at least walk around the block and admire your neighbor’s front gardens.
  8. Pick your own fruit. Or gather wild blackberries in August – or at least visit a farmer’s market or quality greengrocer and enjoy some seasonal fresh fruit.
  9. Enjoy some music outdoors. Perhaps an event or festival – or at least take your radio in the garden.
  10. Have afternoon tea. Including sandwiches, cake, scones, jam and clotted cream – or at least treat yourself to your favorite biscuits.
  11. Have a barbecue. Or enjoy fish and chips by the sea, enjoy some street food – or at least take your lunch to the park.
  12. Collect something to remind you of your summer. Perhaps souvenirs of trips and days out, tickets from places you’ve visited, pretty shells or stones from the beach – or at least take photos of every summer treat you have enjoyed.
  13. Turn on the sprinkler. Or set up the paddling pool, install a solar-powered water feature – or at least treat yourself to a luxury product for the bath or shower.
  14. Take a vacation at home. Spend a day or two doing the things you would do on holiday, only at home. Visit local attractions, sunbathe, drink wine… – or at least persuade someone else to cook dinner or bring you breakfast in bed.
  15. Spend an afternoon on your favorite hobby. You might try sketching, photography, making models, scrapbooking, sailing – whatever you love to do – or at least stop for a few moments and watch clouds or smell the roses.
  16. Spend an evening with a bottle of wine and a loved one. Talk long into the night about your dreams, ideas, and memories – or at least turn off the TV and do something different instead.
  17. Grow something. Plant a pot, a flowerbed, or a vegetable garden – or at least buy a pot of herbs or a chili plant for your kitchen windowsill.
  18. Play hopscotch, skittles, boules, soft tennis, or Swingball. Or at least try to remember the rules of patience.
  19. Have a get-together or party for your favorite people. Let your guests spill out into the garden if you have one – or at least phone a friend you have been longing to catch up with.
  20. Light outdoor candles. Or buy solar-powered fairy light – or at least arrange a few tea-lights in jam jars
  21. Find a café, tea room or pub with a beautiful garden for lunch. Or at least enjoy your morning coffee outside.

And if it rains…

  1. Watch your favorite movie with your favorite ice cream in a plentiful supply.
  2. Sit under a big umbrella, preferably with someone you love, and enjoy the refreshing summer rain – or sudden thunderstorm.
  3. Binge watch a box set and binge eat some popcorn.
  4. Visit a garden with a glass house, such as Kew Gardens and enjoy some indoor garden time. Or at least feed and water your houseplants.
  5. Pack up a picnic and eat it in the car, on the bus or train or under the shelter of a bandstand or gazebo.
  6. Learn something new – a yoga pose, how to make a Margarita, how to put up a shelf, the rules of chess or the moves to salsa dancing.
  7. Spend a Sunday morning reading, relaxing, drinking coffee and eating pain au chocolat. Or at least set your alarm an hour later and enjoy a lie in.
  8. Have a games night. Dig out all your old favorites, sensible or silly and award prizes to the winners, acceptance speeches are mandatory – or at least finish the crossword.
  9. Create something – a cake, a pot, a candle, a flower arrangement, a photo collage, a sarong – or at least update your Pinterest page
  10. Browse the shops for autumn accessories like cushions, scarves, throws and scented candles to make the transition to autumn just a little easier to bear.

Wishing you all the most wonderful summer 🙂





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