Top Five Practices for Peace

  There’s lots of suggestions for practices that will make you happier and more peaceful – these five either have scientific studies to back them up or have simply stood the test of time and common sense. They are also simple and easy to incorporate into a busy life. Practice 1: The Gratitude Journal Psychologists have…

Tuning out the anxious mind

Mind Workings Introduction Changing the way you think can be the biggest factor in changing your life. The way you think affects the way you feel, which affects the way you act, which affects every aspect of your life for better or worse. So before moving on to more practical activities to reduce stress and…

Make yourself at home

Our home can be our best friend, the true kind of friend who doesn’t care about the latest fashion or gossip, but who is solid, all embracing and there whenever you need them.

In Praise of Sadness

We often feel guilty for our feelings of sadness or depression. It seems that we should be happy because we have everything we need: food, clean water, shelter and security. But feelings don’t work like that. Sadness cannot always be resolved by thinking how lucky we are, any more than a broken leg can.

If you can’t get out of it—get into it!

Sometimes, we have to do things that we don’t want to do. We have to give that presentation, wash that pile of dishes or take the dog out in the rainstorm. When you have a task that you can’t get out of try getting into it instead.

Out of your head–into your body

Sometimes, we treat our precious bodies as if they were merely vehicles to carry our brains around. The busy ‘monkey’ mind cares little if the body is tired and unwell or is being stressed too far. It presses the body to carry on regardless, often resulting in exhaustion and depletion. It gives little attention to…

Regeneration: Let Go and Live with the Cycles of Life.

All things have a time of incubation and then birth. This is followed by a season of growth, ascending to full maturity and ripeness. But no idea, relationship or career can be at the height of its power indefinitely. There must eventually be a lessening of energy, decay and finally death. Of course the growth…