A simple ritual to release negative energy


There may be times when you feel out of balance; when you feel negative thoughts are overwhelming you and it’s hard to find the joy in life. This simple ritual can help you to release negative energy and find more peace and clarity.

What you will need

For this spell, you will need a clear quartz crystal and a dark crystal such as obsidian, black tourmaline or onyx. If you do not have these crystals use any light stone or any dark stone. You could also use a small bowl of earth instead of the dark stone and one of salt for the light one. Stones you pick up from the garden or the park, or salt and earth, will not necessarily work in quite the same way as crystals, however, they will help focus your energy in order to achieve similar results.


Find a place where you will not be disturbed and prepare in your usual way such as by cleansing the space or lighting a candle. I like to perform this ritual in a fairly dark place as it helps me tune into the energies more easily.

Sit comfortably and hold the dark stone in the palm of your hand. Feel the weight of it and the temperature. Feel how it takes on the warmth of your hand after a while. When I do this ritual I often find my obsidian stone begins to feel like a negative space, like a tiny black hole, but you may experience something different. 

Imagine any negativity from your mind and heart flowing into the stone: sadness or anger, despair or lack of confidence, guilt or shame, doubt or confusion – see it all flow into the stone. 

Now imagine any physical issues moving through your body and into the stone, any aching in your shoulders relaxing and releasing energy into the stone, any tension in the chest relaxing and flowing into the stone. Imagine any aches or pains, illnesses or distressing thoughts flowing into the heart of that black stone that is like a tardis or black hole and can contain as much as is required.

When you feel you have released all negativity thank the stone for receiving the burden of your negative energy and pain and put it down.

Now pick up the light crystal and hold it in the palm of your hand. Feel its weight, its texture, its temperature. I often feel that my clear quartz crystal seems imbued with everything that is pure and clear in the world. It feels expansive and positive.

Imagine that positive energy coming into your mind and filling you with clarity and peace, tranquillity and hope, joy and love.

Now, imagine the energy filling up your body and sending healing into each and every cell filling you with warmth and peace.

When you feel filled with positive energy, clarity, healing and peace (or at least feeling in a more positive frame of mind) thank the crystal for its energy and put it down.

After completing your spell

Remember to cleanse and recharge the crystals after use and definitely before you use them in another spell or ritual. You can cleanse them by running them under the tap and charge them by leaving them under the light of a full moon or washing them in moon water.