7 things you could do right now to calm your anxiety

Anxiety can be a negative cycle. These seven tips can help you change your mindset – fast  – and move into a more positive frame of mind.


1. Practice self-care

We often feel at our worst when we are tired, hungry, thirsty or in pain. Take a few moments to eat something nourishing, drink some water, rest, take a few deep breaths or massage the tension from your shoulders. You only get one body, take care of it!

2. Write it out

Just writing down how you feel can get some of the anxious thoughts out of your head and in to perspective. Write a list of everything that is bothering you. It might not seems so bad when you see it in black and white.

3. Talk things over

This is what friends are for. Getting your feelings out in the open will help you feel more understood and your friend may well provide some perspective or even better – some unconditional love

4. Take action

Sometimes our anxiety comes from feeling overwhelmed. Taking one small action towards solving one of your problems will give you a lift and get you out of the rut. Choose the smallest possible task, something as simple as looking up the number of someone you need to call, washing the dishes or replying to one email.

5. Pray

For thousands of years people have used prayer to help them through despair. You don’t need to be religious, or even particularly spiritual. You can pray to your higher self or the creative side of your mind to ask for a solution.

6. Think happy

Shift your focus from what is going wrong by writing a list of things that you like about yourself and your life. Perhaps you like the colour of your eyes and your ability to drive well, or you love that you have a garden or a comfy bed. List everything in your life that makes you happy to balance the negativity.

7. Sing your troubles

Singing slows your breathing, improves your posture and just feels good. Pick a song that reflects how you feel and sing your heart out.  Releasing fear, sadness and anxiety in this way may make you feel just a little lighter. Then sing a positive, uplifting or motivating song to change your emotional direction.

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