Urban witch hacks to superpower your city magick

Being an urban witch isn’t always easy but you can use the energy of the city to supercharge your magickal practice

Being an urban witch has its positives and negatives. Space is often hard to find and privacy even harder. You may not be able to burn candles or incense or find a quiet place in nature for rituals. However, one of the benefits is that you can use the energy of the city to supercharge your magic.

If you are just starting out with your magical practice then it’s a good idea to do some cleansing and protection first. A lot of urban witches are unsure of how to do this as we often can’t burn incense or light candles. Luckily there are lots of alternative ways to cleanse your environment and protect yourself ready for magickal work

Cleansing for the urban witch

Here are a few alternative ways to cleanse yourself and your environment. This will help rid you of any negative energy and set the space for magickal work. It will also create a calm environment to relax in.

Cleanse with sound

You can ring a bell or windchimes, or use singing bowls. Alternatively, simply clap your hands to clear negative energy from your space. 

Cleanse with fresh air

Opening a window for a short time also cleanses your space

Cleanse as you clean

You can incorporate spiritual cleansing with your regular cleaning and showering. You can use items such as moon water or essential oils or just your regular cleaners and body washes. Visualize yourself washing away any negative energy and watch it go down the drain.

Protection for the urban witch

Protecting yourself from negativity is especially important for the urban witch. Protection spells can help you not to be overwhelmed by the energy of a city, or soak up too much negativity. They can also be used to protect your home, friends and family. You should redo these protections as often as you feel you need to.

Protect your home

You can protect the threshold of your house, flat or room by dipping your finger in salt water and drawing a line across the doorway.

Protect yourself 

Protect yourself by spending a few moments taking some deep breaths and then imagining a sphere or white light surrounding you, above and below and all around.

Make a protective amulet

You can also make a protective amulet from a piece of jewellery or a crystal.

  • First, cleanse the item by washing it in running water. 
  • Now in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (even if that is the bathroom!) sit quietly for a few moments and concentrate on your breath. 
  • Next, rub the palms of your hands together briskly and then slowly pull them apart. You may feel a ball of energy between them. Pick up your talisman and hold it for a few moments feeling its energy as well as the energy in your hands. You can ask the elements of air, earth fire and water to bless your amulet if you like, using whatever words feel right for you. 
  • Now think about what you want your amulet to do. How do you want it to protect you? Then spend a few moments focusing on feelings of safety and security.
  • You can say thank you to the elements if you wish

Now your protection amulet is charged and ready to use. You can wear it or carry it in a pocket or purse to provide protection wherever you go. At night, put it on your altar or on a windowsill in the light of the moon.

You can cleanse and recharge your amulet whenever you feel it is necessary.

Altars for the urban witch

An altar provides a focus for your magickal practice. It doesn’t need o to be large or complex and it doesn’t even need to look like an altar.

An incognito shelf altar

Place items representing earth, air, fire and water on a shelf. These could include a plant or pretty stone or crystal for earth, a statue of a bird, or a feather for air, something red or orange for fire and a blue glass vase or paperweight for water. There are loads of items that can work for this, take a look at elemental correspondences in a book or online for more ideas.

A secret box altar

If you would like an altar that looks a bit more witchy but would prefer to keep it out of sight then make your altar in a box and keep it hidden away when not in use. You can use a wooden box, metal biscuit tin, or even a sandwich box. Put whatever items are important to your magical practice inside so it is ready to set up at a moment’s notice.

Alternatives to witchy rituals


If you cannot burn candles in the place you live you can use LED candles or a soft warm light bulb in a small lamp so you can see what you are doing but still get that magical vibe. Electric or battery fairy lights work well too. If a spell calls for you to burn something you can bury it instead or simply put it in the bin.

Burying spells

If a spell calls for burying something you can bury it in a plant pot. Alternatively, if it is biodegradable or put it in a food waste bin. Non-biodegradable items should be put in the general waste bin. They will end up buried in a landfill

Living water

Some spells call for living water from a lake or stream. You can just use normal tap water for this. If that doesn’t feel quite magical enough, so, you can make moon water by filling a bottle with tap water and leaving it on a windowsill on the night of a full moon. Or you can put a clear quartz crystal in the water to charge it. Moon or crystal water also makes a great offering that is safe for the environment.

Using the city to your advantage

There are many benefits of being an urban witch such as the many metaphysical shops and magical bookshops, museums and galleries, parks and sacred spaces. You can also use the city energy to benefit your magic. For example, if you want to get rid of limiting beliefs then write them on a slip of paper and leave them in the bin on a bus or train to be taken far away. You can also use city energy to manifest your heart’s desire.

Spell – Manifesting with city energy

This spell will help you to manifest your desires using the energy of the city

What you will need

You won’t need anything to do this spell but you can, if you wish, take a crystal with you to charge its energy and bring it home with you to put on an altar or carry it with you.

If you are unable to get out for any reason you can do this spell by looking out of the window at city streets, or by looking at pictures or videos of your city.

How to do this spell

  • Magic is about intention, so first think about what you want to manifest or create, whether that is a relationship, a tangible object, a situation, or a feeling.
  • Next, set out to find a place in your town or city with a vibe that matches the energy of your intention. For example, find a busy coffee shop full of entrepreneurs if you want to create your own business. If you are looking for love, pop into a romantic restaurant or hang out in the foyer of a cinema after a rom-com showing to tap into all that lovey-dovey energy.  
  • Find a place to stand or sit that won’t be in anyone’s way and take a few deep breaths. Now bring your intention to mind and hold it there, imagining the results you would like to see while absorbing the energy of the crowd. Some people can create a visual picture in their mind of what they want to desire down to every last detail. Not everyone finds this kind of visualisation easy though and it is okay just to feel the positive emotions associated with success in whatever is your desired outcome.
  • Once you have finished your manifestation take a moment to ground yourself back in reality. Imagine light flowing through your body from your head down through your legs and into the ground beneath your feet like the roots of a tree. Alternatively, have something to eat or drink.

You can These are just a few of the many ways you can incorporate your witchcraft into city living. I’d love to hear other people’s ideas. Please leave your hacks and suggestions in the comments below.