The one thing you must understand in order to manifest anything

manifestWhether you use prayer, visualization, ritual, or altered states to manifest your desires, you will have more success if you understand this key factor.

There is one thing that all spiritual practices have in common. Understanding this will transform your life and allow you to manifest anything.

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are; whether you are Christian, Wiccan or a Buddhist. This key factor plays a part in all spiritual traditions. Whether you use prayer, visualization, manifestation, or meditation you will be more successful if you understand this essential concept.

So, what do all spiritual practices have in common?

The fact is, spiritual practices aren’t meant to change the outside world. Spiritual practices aren’t meant to change your circumstances or the people around you.  Spiritual practices are meant to change you.

Paradoxically, understanding this is the only way to manifest anything you want. It may also be the only way to create a life of joy, peace and abundance.

Often, when we pray, make a wish, cast a spell or attempt to manifest something, we are asking for a change in the world around us. We want more money, a better job, a nicer house or improved relationships. We ask the universe/god/the divine for what we want and hope it will deliver.

Sometimes we get what we ask for, but not usually for the reasons we think. The universe knows that we often can’t change our outer circumstances without first changing our inner landscape.

How does this work?

For example, say we ask the universe to improve our relationship. What we expect is for the universe to change the other person, to make them nicer, kinder, richer, or improve whatever we feel they lack. What the universe actually does is begin to change us. Universal energy will begin to work on our inner landscape. There it will encourage the changes necessary for us to achieve the relationship of our dreams. This principle works no matter what we are trying to manifest.

The universe/god/divine starts to work on our own sense of lack and the inner blocks to our happiness. Universal forces will begin to help us confront our own fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs. They may help us develop self-love, acceptance and compassion towards ourselves. We may begin to develop confidence and boldness, enthusiasm and determination. These forces will help us develop whatever it is we need in order to create what we really want.

In the relationship example, this may mean we develop more compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and the other person. This will allow us to see things from the other person’s point of view, to listen and talk openly and foster a mutual understanding and respect that will transform the relationship. Or it may help us develop the confidence to walk away.

Our prayers will be answered and our desires will be met, but not without transforming us along the way.

Prayer or visualisation, or any other spiritual practice can transform our lives by breaking down limiting beliefs, dissolving fears and anxieties or allowing buried emotions and traumas to come to the surface for healing. Spiritual practices can also affect the outside world by bringing into our lives healers and mentors or opening up opportunities for growth.

Why are my prayers not answered?

Often it seems like our prayers haven’t been answered but usually they have, just not in the way we expect. In fact, it can often seem like our situation gets worse! This is when we need to have faith that the changes that are happening both within ourselves and in the material world are ultimately working for our benefit and growth.

So, don’t let your idea that your prayers are unanswered, or that you are no good at manifestation or spellcraft or visualisation, get in your way. Do the spiritual practice, and then watch carefully to see what happens both in the outside world and within your heart and soul. Write down any changes that happen in your life or your way of thinking so you can investigate how they could be leading to your heart and soul’s desire.

And above all, be careful what you wish, hope and pray for. Your prayers will be answered, but there will be some disruptions along the way. At times, you may uncover some emotions that you would rather stay buried. You may be forced into confronting your own limiting beliefs. You may even have to expose your shadow side. So make sure you are truly willing to make the necessary changes in your life that will allow your desires to manifest in your life.

The benefit of all this is that these processes are truly transformative. We do not just ask for a gift and receive it, like a child at Christmas. Instead, we take a journey along a road of trials and joys and emerge transformed. The rewards in our experiences of true love, peace, joy, happiness and abundance are well worth the trip.






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