Refresh your mind and soul by having some new experiences

Recently my life has been feeling a little stale. I’m determined to get out of the rut I am stuck in and do some new things to refresh my creative juices

Lately, I feel a bit like everything has become a chore. Even things I enjoy, like reading, gardening and cooking, seem recently to be just more items to tick off a list. They feel like things I should be doing, to make me a better person, rather than things I long to do. So, I made a list of things I would love to do, things that would refresh me and fill me with joy.

Sometimes we need to go out and do something different. Julia Cameron calls this “filling the well”. The idea is that we need new experiences to refresh us and provide us with new creative material for our lives. We need to be inspired!

So, I set about making a list of experiences that would inspire me

Here’s my list
What’s on yours?

  1. browse the library for things I want to read, not things I ought to read
  2. stick inspirational quotes on my fridge
  3. go treasure hunting in my favourite charity and junk shops or a boot fair
  4. daydream
  5. read a poem (from a popular anthology not a literary one)
  6. buy potted herbs to put on my kitchen windowsill
  7. go out for coffee by myself and people watch
  8. listen to some comedy on the radio
  9. go on a photography expedition
  10. travel somewhere by train
  11. watch a film form a different genre to that which I would normally choose
  12. buy new stationary
  13. browse in an art or craft shop
  14. bake something delicious
  15. print out some of my favourite photos

I’m going to get started with the quotes on the fridge.

I hope you find time to do something to refresh you today.

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