Good Things Journal

DSC_0465Most of us have heard of the benefits of writing a Gratitude Journal. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest starting one. You simply write down three things, every day, that you are grateful for. I’ve found it to be the single most important step I have taken to improve my state of mind and to help me feel positive and joyful about my life.

I’ve recently discovered another simple exercise to help me be happier and that is the Good Things Journal.

It works in a similar way to the Gratitude Journal, except that you list three things that went well that day. It can be as simple as a lovely conversation with a family member or friend, cooking a nice meal, or a writing a blog post. The difference between the Good Things Journal and the Gratitude Journal is that in the second, you write about the things you made happen. It itemises the steps you are taking to live a more rewarding and joyful life. The Good Things Journal helps you to notice the steps you are making towards being happier, healthier and more creative. It improves your self esteem and staves of the feeling that you aren’t getting anywhere or achieving anything. If you are feeling down and as though your life is not improving, you can look back through the journal and see the progress you have made. The Good Things Journal helps you to focus your days and makes it more likely that you will achieve something worth doing every day – after all you want something to write join your Good Things journal at the end of the day don’t you?

The use of these two quick, simple tools, taking less then five minutes a day, can have an incredible affect on your life. You start to think more positively, achieve the things you want and feel good about your life and the direction it is moving in. I write three things in my Gratitude journal every morning and three things in my Good Things Journal before I go to sleep.

Very Simple. Very effective.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything similar and how it works for you.


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