How Ambivalence Affects the Law of Attraction

If you have tried using the law of attraction and it has not worked for you, it might be because you are sending ambivalent or contradictory energies out into the universe. Read on to find out how to create some clarity and attract what you really want.

We may think that we are very clear about what we want in our lives. After all, it’s not that difficult, we want to be financially secure, to have loving relationships, we want meaningful work, we want to be in good health and for our loved ones to be healthy and happy. How can this be ambivalent? And why are our attempts at using the law of attraction to get them not working?

What are ambivalent thoughts and how do they relate to the law of attraction

Well, we often do have contradictory thoughts about these things. For example, we may want more money, so we ask the universe for wealth to come flooding in. We begin to imagine what we will do with this money once it is ours. But then, somewhere deep inside, the doubts and contradictory thoughts start to creep in. We might begin to think things like, ‘why should I be wealthy when there is so much poverty in the world?’, or ‘desiring money is not a spiritually worthy ambition’, or simply ‘I don’t deserve to be rich’. When this happens, we are sending ambivalent thoughts and energies out into the universe. It is then, hardly surprising that the universe sends us a mixed bag of results.

These subconscious beliefs about love, money and happiness get in the way of us reaching our full potential and living the life of our dreams. We often pick up these deep-seated beliefs as children, from our parents and the society and culture around us. When we first hear these things we are not yet able to discern whether they are true. As children we often see adults as all-knowing, so we believe what we are told. Now we are older and wiser and know better, but some of these beliefs may still remain lodged in the subconscious sabotaging our dreams.

So how do we uncover our ambivalent thoughts and gain some clarity that will enable us to use the law of attraction more effectively?

1. Decide what you want and why

For example, if you want a loving relationship, think about exactly what that means to you and what sort of characteristics and values your companion would have. If you want more money think about what you want it for, to pay bills, get out of debt or have a holiday. Then work out how much you need.

2. Brainstorm all your thoughts on that subject

Your subconscious mind may actually believe that getting what you want might not be a good thing.

For example, if you desire a relationship, you may have some ambivalent thoughts about what that would mean for your life. Perhaps there are certain benefits to being single that you quite like, such as doing what you want, when you want without having to worry about someone else’s needs or desires.

Or perhaps you feel that if you had more money, you wouldn’t work so hard on your dream and it might never come true. You might have absorbed the idea that true artists are always starving in garrets. Another common belief about money is that it is evil, so perhaps you believe people might not like you if you were rich. You may also look at the amount you need and believe it is too much to ask for.

Even our thoughts on happiness can be ambivalent. For example, we may have an unconscious belief that it is better to struggle and hope for better things than to be happy and fear that the good things in our lives might get taken away!

All of these beliefs can get in the way of the law of attraction working to fulfil our desires. You can probably feel this tug-of-war going on inside your mind at times. So the universe responds to the contradictory energies and you don’t get what you desire, or you get only a small part of what you desire, or you almost reach something and then it slips away. It can feel like one step forward and two steps backwards. These are all signs that you are giving contradictory signals to the universe.

3. Start working on overcoming these limiting beliefs

There are many ways to start working on overcoming these limiting beliefs. Simply acknowledging them is the most important step. Now you can begin to analyse them some more. Find evidence to disprove these ideas. For example, you could think of rich people that are very philanthropic and generous. Or you can think of creative people who are happy and financially secure. Ultimately you have to choose to let go of the benefits you perceive in staying single or broke or miserable and embrace everything about the situations you desire.

You can also start to put more positive messages into your head through practices like meditation where you notice your negative thoughts and choose not to engage with them.

Affirmations can also help to reinforce your new clear ideas and desires.

4. Keep practising and don’t give up

The brain pathways for your old thoughts and beliefs will have built up over a lifetime and while you can sometimes change your mind in an instant, usually it will take many repetitions to strengthen the new beliefs so they are more powerful than the old. So, if you don’t get instant results don’t give up. Keep transforming your mind and learning new ways of thinking and your life will soon begin to change in amazing ways.












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