Regeneration: Let Go and Live with the Cycles of Life.


All things have a time of incubation and then birth.

This is followed by a season of growth, ascending to full maturity and ripeness.

But no idea, relationship or career can be at the height of its power indefinitely. There must eventually be a lessening of energy, decay and finally death.

Of course the growth and blossoming feels good, but the ending sometimes feels awful, so we cling to things, not wanting to release them.

It can be hard to let go of ideas, relationships or ways of thinking and living that we have grown accustomed too. 

When we are in the flush of new love or full of creative ideas, we want it to last forever, but just as plants lay dormant, spring up, bloom and then fade away, so do our energies.

We have to allow things their time to die, in order for new growth. An ending is never really an ending, it is just part of the cycle. Something of the old is incubated into something new: fallen leaves nourish new growth, vegetable scraps make the base of a soup, a minor character in a story develops a drama of her own and every leaving is a new adventure starting.

If we feel stuck it is usually a sign that we need to allow something to die, so something new can happen. This might be in our career or relationship, or it might be an attitude, a bad habit, a way of talking to ourselves.

Confusion often stems from a conflict between our old ways of being and thinking and new ways that are evolving in our lives.

We can’t have them both, we need to let go of the past, however secure it feels, to allow the new to flourish. 

In order to do this we, must keep our mind and eyes open to insights from the world and follow our intuition


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