Three Wishes Exercise

Have you every heard the advice, ‘follow your dreams,’ or ‘do what you love,’ and given a big sigh. Have you wondered what your dreams are? What is it that you love? What is your purpose on this earth?

Finding the answers to these questions might be easier than you think. Try this quick exercise to discover your deepest longings and desires.

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place and have a journal or notebook handy. You may spend a few minutes watching your breath or focusing on an image such as a candle flame or flower if you choose
  2. Imagine you are in an a cave half way up a mountainside. Outside you can see blue sky, water flowing and fresh green foliage all around. You look down on the floor of the cave and see an old oil lamp, grimy with years of dirt. You pick it up, polish it on your shirt and to your amazement, a genie pops out and says you may have three wishes. The wishes must be for yourself and your life. You are not allowed to wish for others or the world and you may not ask for more wishes
  3. What would you tell the genie? What would you wish for if you could have anything your heart desires? Think about this for a while and try not to go with the obvious such as a big house, money or new car. Try to think what would really make you happy? What would make you excited to get up in the morning and leave you feeling peaceful and in harmony with the world at the end of the day. Perhaps you would wish for better relationships, a dream career or a beautiful garden
  4. Write down in your journal what wishes you would make.The answers you gave the genie offer clues about what you really want from life, what your deepest dreams and desires are. Pay attention to the wishes and see if there are ways you can bring some of their magic into you life. You may not be able to have your deepest desires in an instant, but what action could you take to day to make the dream a little closer. The actions can be very small, reading a chapter in a book, reminding a loved one how much they mean to you or researching your dream holiday destination. But small actions are what makes dreams become reality – if you know the goal you are working towards you can begin the journey towards your dream today.

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