About Not Meditating:

Accessing peace, joy and creativity without sitting still

Meditating is great, it can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve physical health and enhance relationships. But some people, me included, are not cut out for sitting still.

Luckily there are many ways to connect with peace, joy and creativity, ways that humans have been using for aeons. From ancient cave paintings to computer games, from pilgrimages to visualisation, from choral music to trance, we have been constantly trying to quieten the monkey mind and connect with something more.

This blog is about these ways.

It offers numerous simple ways to achieve the benefits of a calm, quiet mind that is open to life and joy rather than crammed with endless, repetitive, disturbing and often destructive thoughts. It offers ideas and inspiration that can be adapted and recreated to suit the individual so that everyone can find a way to connect with something beyond the material world.

The possibilities are literally endless. You might find peace through developing a relationship with Nordic Gods or indulging an attraction to ancient churches or modern architecture. You might find creativity by following a desire to paint or restore a vintage car. You might find joy from baking bread or sitting on a beach.

It is possible to be peaceful and joyful most of the time. It is possible to make room in our lives for activities that have intrinsic value and meaning and give us a sense of a life will lived. I hope that after trying a few of the simple exercises in this blog you will be hooked on the idea of a more peaceful, joyful, creative and loving life and your journey to happiness will be well under way.

Happy Not Meditating

Kirstie x







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